What it takes to be professional

What It takes to be professional

AVAILABILITY Always be there for your customer over the phone or physically. Reliability provides customers with surety. It can give you a massive competitive edge.

PROPER DEMEANOUR In-person, online, and even personal social media presence, appearance is important.

GREAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS Written and verbal communication must be kept at high standards. Conflict resolution, co-worker relations, customers interaction etc. must be professional.

COMPETENCY Product, market, customer, and company knowledge is non-negotiable. Show transparency

ETHICAL Show integrity. Let your word carry value always

MANAGE EXPECTATIONS Say no… when it’s required. Don’t over-promise and underdeliver

CUSTOMER COMES FIRST Put your customers first, Before your pocket and company within reason of course

SENSE OF URGENCY One of the most important characteristics of a sales professional is a sense of urgency. Getting things done, prioritizing what is most important and doing it with a determination Be there for your customer swiftly.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE Make sure your customer gets all the after-sales service they require. Systems must be in place, and the client must feel fully supported.

CONFIDENTIALITY Protect your client’s information. Don’t speak out unless you’ve asked permission ORGANISED Be up to date on systems you use, admin, commitments etc.

TREAT ALL CUSTOMERS LIKE VIP. Respect everyone. Treat all your customers with equal respect. If you are busy, then don’t take on more clients if you are only able to look after the bigger ones.

EMOTIONALLY STABLE Keep your emotions under control, and make logical decisions

HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE Own up and show up. Resolve the issues.

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