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Sales… effective communication, persuasion, negotiation, and influence.

Learn the art and science of sales, backed by neuro linguistics programming, psychology, Greek rhetoric, over a decade of research and 20,000+ sales interactions.

Let me help you with

15 years of sales devotion, trial and error bringing you all my expertise. Invest in yourself, this will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made, by investment I mean your time, not your money.

Reward in all areas of life will come easily after understanding the Alpha sales system and formula

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6 hours of content


R2000 All Inclusive

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Juan Van Diggelen is a South African Serial entrepreneur. He has successfully built up businesses in The food, Finance, Consulting, Automotive and Retail industries, most of which became market leaders in their space. His strength has always been sales. His latest accolade was breaking into the SME finance space and becoming the market leader, providing over 1.3 Billion rand in funding to the small and medium enterprises and building the best Sales distribution channel that market has ever seen. His developed this sales course over the last two years as a form of giving back to his passion which is people and sales…Having drastically changed the lives of people who work with him, empowering them with high income skills that made many of them successful business owners today. He wanted to widen his reach to assist many more. “This course is not about the money for me, hence its price tag, it’s about helping single moms provide for their families. Keeping parents from splitting because of financial strain. Seeing employees under performance management succeed and keeping their careers. Seeing people who take this course grow, change and improve their quality of life for themselves and the ones around them.”

“Who you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today”

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Knowledge is Confidence. Confidence is Influence & Influence is Power. See you Inside!

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