You need to know your why, your why is your reason, it’s your goal, it’s
your vision, it’s what you are working towards. Without knowing your why,
the first sign of struggle you can give up, knowing your why is what keeps
you going. Do you know your why?

People struggle to stay motivated and on track to reaching their goals. Its like kettle water, if you
don’t keep the element heated the water cools down. Fortunately, Visualization can keep that
element heated. Visualization can help you see and feel your why, it can bring your why to life and
make it real.

Did you know emotion is stored in your body? Your body doesn’t know time, it can’t differentiate
between past present and future. So if your thinking about the first day you met the love of your life,
and dwell on that day, your body will respond by feeling that love and excitement. Your entire physiology
will change. Because your thought process will bring upon that emotion as if its occurring in real
time. So thinking past present or future your body reacts the same because it doesn’t know any
better. That’s why when people imagine bad outcomes for their future they can end up having panic
attics in the present.

We can use this to our advantage to create the drive we need. lets take an overweight person for
example. They feel frustrated, angry, they constantly feel judged and have very low self-esteem at
times. They have erratic feelings of depression and can’t always pin point why they feel the way they do.
Its difficult feelings to deal with. By the way self-esteems synonym is value, I can’t imagine having
price tagged my life as low value, yet it’s a state of mind many people fall in, it can bring you too
your knees and people will walk all over you with that mindset. Now the trick is to visualize an entire
day in the future where you’ve reached your goals

So the over weight person in this case female, might picture the following.
Walking up nice and early, excited for the day. Pulling the covers of her body, she sees a sexy night
gown perfectly fitting a slender and well-toned body. Her bronze skin touched by the early morning
sun peeping though the blinds in a upmarket and luxurious room. She gets up, fits dresses and tight
jeans she never would dreamed of till she finds that perfect combination of style, elegance and
confidence. After eating a healthy breakfast, its of to work in her luxury car, while walking to the car,
she notices each refection of herself in windows, the car door window etc., all while embracing that
confident smirk of… I did it.

Of to her dream job, because now she had the confidence to tackle all her fears and she gets what
she wants. Getting out the car, she stops for a moment and takes a few selfies she knows will rock
all her social media platforms and please all her followers. Her inbox is full, her likes racking up and
comments that constantly builds her self-esteem are streaming in. She runs into an old friend, her
friends in awe of how she looks and says “WOW, you look amazing. You’ve changed. How did you do it?
Om my word you’re glowing!”.

Taking the time to soak up the attention she deserves, she entertains the conversation. The entire
day she’s being treated well, people flock to her, she is now an inspiration to other woman and she
proved to everyone that they were wrong about her. And more importantly she proved to herself
that she can do anything she sets her mind to, she is filled with joy, passion, love and confidence. Her
love life, business and personal life is filled with adventure and quality of life she hits the gym after a
day of success she performs like a beast, she posts her work out and inspires others to take action.
And she continues to visualize the dinner, her lover etc.

Its important to meditate and visualize that entire day, every single detail of the day. Live it, feel it, let the
emotions fill your body. Play a song while you meditate, use that song as an anchor for that feeling you
get visualizing that day. By listening to that song at a later stage it brings you back to that feeling. That
day will be different for everyone, this technique is used to push you in the direction of your dreams so
you can take action. There’s a quote I love “Some day or day one? – Unknown” once you’ve seen your self
in the future you created, go out and get it. Remember to keep the element heated or the water cools
down. You will experience insane drive and really leap towards your goals, but then a few days later you
go back to your old routine, the trick is to write your goals down. Break it down into manageable tasks
and smaller short-term goals. By reaching these smaller goals you allow yourself to step into the right
direction and keep that dopamine rush.

Using that overweight girl as an example, she could plan that for the first week she finds meal plans,
and training programs for the gym suited towards her goals. The second week the goals are just to
train 4 times a week and eat according to her meal plan, and she keeps setting these manageable
goals for herself, she will quickly realize that she is reaching her end goal. This technique helps keep
you motivated and on track. It fills you with the motivation needed. You can’t expect your final goal
to happen immediately. Expect challenges and failure along the way, success is a jiggered line not a
straight line.

Avoid instant gratification, because most of the time it’s not aligned with your goal, it is like eating a
chocolate when you are trying to get into shape or staying out late and wasting an entire weekend that
could have been used towards building the empire you envisioned. And when things get tough remind
yourself of the “why”, revisit/relive the dream you set out for your future and heat that element.

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