NLP, RAS & law of attraction

Sales is the effective transfer of information. So being able to effectively communicate is essential.

Nuero linguistics programming (NLP) can help you communicate far more easily. Its important to understand
how we receive information, and what we do with it to attach meaning. Meaning is subjective. All meaning is
perception, so we need to learn how to manage perceptions because people’s perceptions are their reality.

At any given time, we are exposed to 2,000,000 bits of information via our senses. We then filter that information by way of priority. We delete, distort and generalize the received information until we are left with
only 134,000 bits of information. We do this to make the information pool processable. We then use our
internal representation (IR) to give that information meaning. This gets done by comparing the 134,000 bits
With our library, our library is all our past experiences, things we’ve read, heard seen etc. By comparing the
newfound info with our library, we attach meaning to what we are experiencing at that given moment. Once
we have meaning, we feel emotion, and that emotion calls us to action. That’s why all meaning is subjective,
we delete, distort, and generalize over 93% of all information we receive. Then we compare the remaining
6.7% with our own lifetimes experiences to give meaning. That’s why two friends can go to the same function,
and one can hate it and the other loving it. Perception is reality for most. This can make selling difficult, we
need to ensure that the customer receives the right information and attaches the correct meaning to our
message, or their perception will be of, and we lose the deal. We need to limit the chances of the right info
being deleted, distorted and generalize. The rest of my sales guide will help you effectively communicate to
avoid this adverse effect of how we filter information.

How does our brain filter information, and how does it know what to delete, distort and generalize?
This is very important to know, because you have control over this function, and using it to your advantage
can help you get amazing results. Ever heard that what you think, is what you eventually say, and what
you say manifests your actions and how you act will provide a consequence good or bad? This is Law of
attraction, but law of attraction is not just a theory its scientific. We have a Reticular activating system
(RAS) at the core of our cerebral cortex which acts as a filter. Its filters information based on what it
believes is important to us, and what it perceives as important to us is based on our dominate thoughts.
If your thinking of the color blue and look around, you will find the things of that color, blue objects were
around you this whole time, but your RAS chose to ignore that information as non-important, now that
your thinking of blue, you will see blue. Same goes for when you buy a car, all of a sudden you will see
that car on the roads more often, that car was always on the road in that quantity, you just didn’t notice it
because your RAS didn’t deem it as important, but now that you drive that car, its makes it through the
filtering process.

This will work according to your dominant thoughts. If you go into a meeting and your core thoughts are to
provide your client with a solution, your RAS will pick up on the verbal and non-vernal ques that suggest
needs, and you will sufficiently address those needs, for starters you would listen and understand your
customers’ needs better because it’s the priority of that meeting for you. If your thoughts were to have a
quick meeting because you are late, your RAS would see most of the meeting as unimportant and you
would delete all the important information received, and it would no doubt be a bad meeting which
bares no fruit.

It is important that we feed ourselves the right thoughts because our brain will map all the info we
receive to get us to our desired path we need to be specific in our thinking, our wants and needs in
order to obtain optimal results.

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