I’ve been asked, “what superpower would you want?” My answer has always been the same, Vampire
compulsion. The ability to get anyone to do or think what you want them to, complete mind control.
Think about it. That power over humans is endless. Imagine getting anyone to do whatever you
wish of them. Get your dream job, get any investment, get any life partner, get away with any bad
thing that you’ve done, to simply always get your way. A life of endless power, you could literally
own everything and everyone. You can choose to use that power for good or bad.

It got me thinking, there is no magic stick that can be waved to obtain this power, but surely compulsion
is not far stretched from reality. What are the real-life applications of compulsion, it’s to create irresistible, tempting, impulsive, and desirous urges in others.

The ability to influence others to behave, or think in a certain way, that’s compulsion to a certain
degree. There are men out there smooth enough to get most girls, influencers that can get millions
of followers, entrepreneurs that can secure massive investments. Con artists that get away with the
biggest heists. Let’s not even discuss what past leaders like Hitler managed to influence people to
do. These are all high levels of compulsion.

So why not embark on a journey to achieve the full potential of realistic compulsion. That’s when my
journey started. All things sales are strongly related to the art of compulsion. I spent over a decade
dedicated to understanding people and the ability to influence them. To be clear, not the common
decade in a salesperson’s life, here’s my version of a decade. Let me explain. Let’s say a salesperson
has 10 years’ experience. That’s 7 hours a day x 20 working days a month x 12 months x 10 years.
Equaling 16800 hours actively selling. Now I don’t know about you but if anyone takes anything
seriously for 16800 hours, they must become a master at it.

I’m pretty sure If any able-bodied person decided to start karate for example and did that for 16800
hours, they would master it. Now I’ve interviewed and met with tens of thousands of salespeople in
my life, and I haven’t met a master yet… they’re only a little better at sales than when first started
selling. Or their careers are only a little ahead of where they started. Why is that? Because 99.9% of
sales people don’t see it as a craft to be mastered. They do the same thing repeatedly for years. Its
like they on auto pilot. I always ask salespeople. ‘’Name all the sales skills, tools and techniques that
come to your mind right now, for example, Fear of loss, exclusivity, spin sales and tonality.’’ They hit a
blank after naming three or four. So, I ask, “how can you be selling for years and not even Know
persuasive techniques, if you can’t name them, you won’t be able to tell me a deeper understanding
of each technique. Which means you couldn’t use them effectively to close a deal”

Again, the reason for this is they don’t have the mastering mindset, they ended up wasting many
years of their lives in a profession and can’t be called a professional. One of the biggest issues is lack
of reflection which I go into later in the book. Reflecting on every cold call, warm call, introduction,
pitch, close, contact signing, written communication etc. Asking what could I have done better, was
there something I could have said better, did I address the concerns, was their underlying messages,
did I do my product justice, was I as professional as I could be, etc.. Only with reflection can we
improve, find the answers, learn to overcome our mistakes daily and improve. That’s one way of
spending one’s hours becoming a master. So, for me not the average decade spent learning the art
of sales, I’ve dedicated my life to the art of sales and trying to reach the pinnacle of sales.

There are so many people in this world that provide for themselves and families by having to sell for
a living. My aim is bigger than just training sales staff under myself and my various companies, my
aim is to reach as many salespeople in the world with this practical, effective and proven sales
advice, so that I can stop suffering. I can’t cure cancer, or bring loved ones back to life, but I can
assist with unique skills, gearing people with the tools to better provide for themselves. This article
is here to inspire you and bring out the best in you and help you reach your potential. By this I end
suffering in the form of parents being able to pay the medical bills, making sure kids get great
education because families are provided for, families stay together because financial stress doesn’t
tear them apart and proud legacies are left behind. May my dream be for filled by helping ease the
financial burden for bread winners.

All that’s needed is for each salesperson to invest the time in themselves, the results will follow. If
there is one thing, I’ve learned in life that’s 100% guaranteed it is that what you put in is what you
get out. There’s even a saying in the bible that says what you sow you will reap. It’s the only thing
I’ve been able to rely on in life with certainty. You study half, your results show in the test, you study
to death, you die… just joking, you ace the test. Life is rewarding in that way, but life is also unforgiving
like that, and sales is absolutely no exception to this rule.

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